Festival Event Management

From live performances to food and drink, festivals play a huge part in shaping our cultural experiences and creating communities. We are experienced and safety-focussed live event managers, ready to help you take you event to the next level.

Event Design

We work with many profiles of customers and are experts at working with clients to bring unique concepts to life, whoever your customers, guests or public may be.
The Event Foundry are passionate at raising the bar and exceeding visitors experience.

Site & Location Visits

We’re passionate to ensure the event space carries your vision. We will inspect the outdoor areas or location options and support you in making suitable choices. With our experience, we can evaluate and support you in advising what production facilities are needed i.e. stage, PA system, look at health and safety requirements i.e. washroom facilities, first aid, crowd control barriers, waste management etc.

Contractor Sourcing & Management

Once a full event management plan is underway, The Event Foundry can start to gather contractor and supplier options for you, i.e. live bands, caterers, mobile bars, event welfare facilities etc. From procuring washroom facilities to sourcing AV and stage production, The Event Foundry has over 25 years’ experience with some of the best contractors in the business.

On the Day Delivery

The Event Foundry build a relationship with all suppliers and contractors to brief and welcome to ensure they are in place on time and as expected. Checking and double checking to ensure a smooth event on the day, with a carefully managed operational plan leads to having the flexibility to react or respond to charges on the day.